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MAKOplasty Hip & Knee Replacement

If you suffer from debilitating pain in your hip or knee, the revolutionary MAKOplasty® total hip replacement and MAKOplasty partial knee resurfacing could be right for you. Saint Vincent Orthopaedic Institute in Erie, Pennsylvania is proud to offer these leading-edge procedures.

When more conservative treatments fail to provide lasting relief, total or partial joint replacement can provide a lasting solution to severe pain from arthritis, general wear and tear, or trauma to the hip or knee.

About RIO® Robotic Arm Technology

During a MAKOplasty surgery, your orthopedic surgeon controls a robotic arm that assists in the procedures. The innovative RIO Robotic Arm gives the surgeon 3-D visual feedback and real-time data to assist in achieving greater accuracy in the placement of your implant, which reduces surgical complications, decreases the likelihood of mechanical failure, and improves outcomes.

Partial Knee Resurfacing

If you have early to mid-stage osteoarthritis in only one or two parts of your knee, you might be a candidate for partial knee resurfacing.

MAKOplasty is less invasive than total knee replacement and preserves your own healthy bone and tissue. This means you will have a more natural-feeling knee and you may still be able to have a total knee replacement later in life, if necessary.

Total Hip Replacement

When used for total hip replacement, MAKOplasty’s robotic arm technology allows for more accurate placement of certain components of the artificial hip joint. Specifically, the cup-like part of the joint known as the acetabular component can be implanted in the exact position that your surgeon feels is the most beneficial for a long-term outcome.

Erie orthopedic surgeons Dr. Mark Bloomstine, Dr. Robert Lupo, Dr. Buseck and Dr. German perform MAKOplasty hip and knee procedures. Dr. Bloomstine, Dr. Lupo and Dr. German are board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. To find out if you are a candidate for MAKOplasty partial knee resurfacing or total hip replacement, call the Saint Vincent Orthopaedic Institute at (814) 454-2401 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Bloomstine or Dr. Lupo or Dr. Buseck or Dr. German.