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Verilast/Visionaire & Birmingham Hip Resurfacing


Traditionally, orthopaedic surgeons have faced two major challenges with knee replacements: attaining a perfect fit and implants that lasted only about 10-15 years. Saint Vincent Orthopaedic Institute in Erie, Pennsylvania is at the forefront of orthopaedic surgery, using the latest innovations in knee replacement technology and surgical methods that help to extend the wear of knee implants.

Our surgeons are trained in VISIONAIRE® Patient-Matched Knee Instrumentation Technology, ensuring a precise fit, and VERILAST® Knee Technology, a knee implant that has tested to last up to 30 years. Call us today at (814) 454-2401 to learn more about the latest advances in knee implant options at the Saint Vincent Orthopaedic Institute.

About VERILAST Knee Technology

Knee implant wear is the biggest cause of knee implant failure. The average knee implant is designed to last 10 to 15 years before wear becomes an issue. Manufacturer Smith & Nephew invented VERILAST Knee Technology that is tested to last for up to 30 years of wear. With VERILAST Knee Technology, physically active people can remain active for many more years than with traditional knee implants. Learn more about VERILAST Knee Technology.

About VISIONAIRE Patient-Matched Knee Instrumentation Technology

The accurate fit of a knee implant not only feels more natural, but also lasts longer. Even a slight misalignment can contribute to early implant failure. VISIONAIRE Patient-Matched Knee Instrumentation Technology by Smith & Nephew allows surgeons to achieve precise alignment with custom-made surgical instruments.

The surgical instruments are designed from MRI scans and X-ray images of the actual knee where the implant will be placed. The whole procedure is mapped out beforehand, which means less anesthesia for the patient and a less invasive surgery overall. Learn more about VISIONAIRE Patient Matched Knee Instrumentation Technology.

Dr. David German and Dr. Robert Lupo are orthopedic surgeons with training in knee replacement procedures using VERILAST and VISIONAIRE technology. Both Dr. German and Dr. Lupo are board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. Schedule an appointment with Dr. German or Dr. Lupo to find out if you are a candidate for VERILAST or VISIONAIRE knee procedures by calling (814) 454-2401. View Dr. German's and Dr. Lupo's credentials.

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

Traditionally, people with significant hip pain from arthritis or degenerative conditions were faced with one option – hip replacement. The board-certified orthopedic surgeons at the Saint Vincent Orthopaedic Institute in Erie, Pennsylvania offer a newer alternative to hip replacement surgery: Birmingham Hip Resurfacing.

For select active adults under the age of 60 and some older adults, Birmingham Hip Resurfacing is a bone-sparing procedure that resurfaces rather than replaces the end of the thigh bone.

After the first year, people can return to most of the activities that they enjoyed before pain – even jogging or singles tennis. To schedule an appointment to learn more about Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, call (814) 454-2401.

About Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing can help relieve pain and restore function for people with arthritis and other hip conditions. Unlike traditional hip replacement, Birmingham Hip Resurfacing does not replace the bones in the hip joint. Instead, it is a less invasive procedure that resurfaces the bone with smooth metal.

Younger active people are the best candidates for hip resurfacing. Overall, hip resurfacing is a successful procedure that allows the majority of people to return to the active lifestyle that they enjoyed before pain. Learn more about Birmingham Hip Resurfacing.

Mark S. Buseck, MD is a skilled orthopedic surgeon at the Saint Vincent Orthopaedic Institute who performs Birmingham Hip Resurfacing. Dr. Buseck is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and has received training in Birmingham Hip Resurfacing. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Buseck to find out if you are a candidate for Birmingham Hip Resurfacing by calling (814) 454-2401. View Dr. Buseck's credentials.